Monday, June 4, 2012

Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

composting biffy
In honor of my dad's 93th birthday, I'll post a picture of a composting 'biffy' in Litchfield National Park. Dad frequently referred to the facilities as the biffy.  Traditionally applied to an outhouse--like here--but common use could also have it apply to an indoor toilet. Sadly, it's an under-utilized word.

Litchfield National Park is a a great national treasure to Australia, the equivalent of Yellowstone in that country.  Darwin, which is near the park, was one of the fiew places that I didn't have to spell my last name.

This is a vast and untouched park with scenes from the desert and amazing waterfalls that flow from spring-fed rivers.  You've got to know where you're swimming, because there are salt water crocodiles that swim up the areas during the rainy season and will hold up in the pools to snatch an unsuspecting tourist.

People were very chill. No worries that Roby and I were climbing up the falls and jumping into the pool. Darwin is very cool about these things. 

posing at our park--check out the crocodile warning 
Gladys Falls

The falls were massive and beautiful.  Termite mounds the size of a tree and all kinds of flora and fauna. This was a place that would take a long time to explore and appreciate.

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