Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cliffs of Moher, County Claire, Ireland

If there is a geographical punctuation mark to celebrate your 25th anniversary, then the Cliffs of Moher is on the list of the top ten.  They say it's 702 feet straight down from Hag's Head to the Atlantic. Impressive.   

It is in the countrysides that you begin to understand why this place is called the Emerald Isle.  The Irish say there somewhere between "terty-tree" and "farty-far" shades of green over there . . . and I believe em.

The urinal is actually from the ferry that took us across the River Shannon from County Claire to the Dingle Peninsula. 

View from O'Brien's Castle

For the record, this is not Hag's Head

pastures and hedgerows - hog-heaven for ungulates

cement fences

stone fences made of neatly arranged shale

chilling on the ferry - where's the steering wheel?

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