Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chinchero, Peru

Pastels are popular in Peru.  This bathroom is about as fancy as you'll find in Chinchero.  It is a small village about an hour out of Cusco with beautiful people and amazing sights. Every house has a ceramic statute (toritos) of two bulls (brings wealth, fertility and prosperity and is a relic of indigenous worship of Pachamama/Mother Earth) below a cross (Catholicism) and some jugs (disputes as to whether it's holy water or chicha beer).  Sometimes there is a ladder to make it easy for children to come from heaven and the dead to return back. 

We stopped for lunch and tasted their traditional cuisine, including cuy (guinea pig). The ladies gave us a demonstration of how they dyed alpaca wool for weaving. 

Peruvian Andes

Cuy before . . . 
Cuy after . . . lunch is served

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