Thursday, June 7, 2012

Darwin, Australia

In case you're not up on your aboriginal dialects, kigaruk means adult male and lookrukin means adult female in the Kungarakin language.

Darwin is definitely off the beaten path, the metropolis of the inhabited outback.  Though a city by Northern Territory standards, it's a quaint and lovely place.

We were able to visit the wildlife park in Darwin.  A jumping crocodile tour is a must: up close and personal as wild crocs jump up to snatch a pork-chop off a string (actually these wild crocs are pretty well-trained to come for dinner when they hear the sound of the boat).

We finished the day with all our Litchfield cousins in the beach-front park in Darwin for a picnic. I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to food, but have to say I'll pass on the kangaroo brats next time. Unfortunately the baramundi fishing was a bust.

Raptor at the Darwin Wildlife Park

Jumping Crocodile Tour

Working the barbie at the reunion

Billabong croc

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