Monday, September 24, 2012

Cataract Canyon, Colorado River, UT

In 2005, Carnegie Ward Young Men went on a High Adventure rafting trip down Cataract Canyon of the Colorado River.  It's in protected National Parks, so all solid waste needs to be carried out. Hence the blue ammo can with a yellow "G" that was our toilet for 5 days.  The "G" stands for Groover because back in the old days it didn't have an attachable toilet seat. Using it left a tell-tale groove on your posterior. We were glad to have the seat.

High Adventure has a tendency to be thrown around a lot in Young Men programs in the church.  This was the real deal: 90 miles of river, no way out, no communication.  Awesome.

Captain Joe on The Pearl

Ask any of the boys and they'll confirm it: Joe Is King

David and Tate fishing with a hand line

Big catfish

back flip


  1. Hi Reid,
    We are producing a how-to video on canoe camping and would like your permission to use the photo you have of a groover. Our budget doesn't allow for purchasing pictures but you and your blog would be mentioned in the end credits.
    What do you think?

    Mark Morrall
    Morrall River Films, Inc.

    1. You have my blessing. Kudos for your integrity. Most don't bother to ask. Good luck with the video.