Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sahara Desert, Morocco

52 days to Timbuktu 

I spent a lot of time in the bathrooms of Morocco . . . taking pictures. This is one of my favorites. Our Sahara 'camping' experience was in the enormous dunes at Erg Chebbi (near Merzouga).  We traveled by 4 x 4 to a remote Berber camp surrounded by cinnamon dunes as far as you can see. It is 30 miles to Algeria and 1000 miles to Timbuktu: but only by camel. The tent encampment was something out of 1001 Arabian Nights, with a blazing fire in the sand surrounded by cushions and Berber carpets.  We had the place to ourselves! SWEET. There were 10 foot walls of hanging tapestries and a ceiling of stars. After being regaled with dancing, music and a feast fit for a sultan, we went for a night hike into the dunes--without doubt the darkest night sky I've ever experienced.

Sahara Sunrise - December 2011

Nobody could expect bathroom facilities like this in each sleeping tent; each had a private toilet and shower.  There had to be about 10 inches of blankets on each of the beds, and you needed them all.  We were up before dawn for a camel caravan to watch the sunrise.

This is a place that can seriously pull you back. I wish our stay had been longer, and that I could have figured out a way to photograph the stars. If your 'bucket list' doesn't contain a sunrise camel train in the Sahara (after a night of 4-alarm gluttony in a tent palace in the middle of nowhere) it needs some modification.  


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