Friday, August 2, 2013

Heart Attack Grill - Fremont Street LV

HAG IS quite a spectacle.  You put on a hospital gown & ID bracelet before you can dine. Cousin Todd getting psyched up for his double-bypass. There are 8 burger options: single thru octuple bypass burgers with fries cooked in lard and buttermilk shakes. And no, they don't serve Diet Coke. Holds Guiness record for most calorigenic burger at just under 10,000 kcal (w/o fries).

Food wasn't that great ... so over the top I was a bit grossed out by it. I could've done without watching they big guy get spanked by the nurse for deliberately leaving a little burger on the plate. He weighed in at 407 lbs between 1st and 2nd huge burger. Urinals were funny as was signage.

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