Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cusco Markets, Peru

One of our best days in Peru started out with at blessing from a Peruvian shaman named Pedro.  In spite of all the cocoa leaves he was chomping, he was as calm as a summer morning (he said the prayer required him to do it). What he lacks in stature he makes up for in charisma. 

We then headed for a tour of the market in Cusco to buy groceries for our cooking demonstration at a local restaurant. Very fresh food--not all of it appetizing. 

Fortunately, the bathroom photo is terrible.  Hand-carved to demonstrate anatomic differences between the hermanas and hermanos. 

If Peru leaves me with one regret, it was not enough time in this city.

Ty & Pedro ... standing 

Take my word on this one ... it the girl's
Tate poses with a cornucopia of nasty meats

Donkey snout ... tasty! 

I think I'll just take one loaf of bread today

Peru in pastel

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