Monday, October 22, 2012

Colonial Williamsburg Gaol, Virginia

Fall Colors in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
The cells are part of the original construction from 300 years ago during colonial times. These were the very walls use to confine the pirate crew of The Queen Anne's Revenge, serving under  Edward Teach (Blakbeard) in 1718. Of the 25 men captured in North Carolina, 9 were killed in battle including Teach, who was beheaded. The other 16  were incarcerated  in Williamberg with permanent iron fetters on their feet and hands. All the men save 2 were hanged on the gallows. 'The two survivors were Israel Hands (who was pardoned after testifying for the prosecution) and Samuel Odell (who was acquitted due to being coerced into service under Teach).
Three 'stairs to nowhere' actually were definitely an upgrade from the usual bucket most prisoners got. It was probably one of the few places in town with indoor facilities!  It's one of the most interesting toilets I've encountered.

Three stairs to nowhere

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